Study: Virtual-Reality System Helps Treat PTSD In Soldiers

This is such a fascinating concept. Maybe video games are good for more than just entertainment!


WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – Veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder could be treated with a virtual-reality program, reports Live Science.

Researchers say simulating the combat environment has been shown to help veterans suffering from PTSD to relive their traumatic experiences without the risk of physical harm.

The work builds on exposure therapies, which allow patients to confront their fears in a safe environment.

Using the virtual-reality program, called “Bravemind,” allows therapists to insert “triggers” that stimulate the original traumatic experience.

“The format may appeal to a generation of service members who have grown up with the digital world, and feel comfortable with it,” said lead researcher Skip Rizzo, a psychologist at the University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies in Los Angeles.

The first versions of the program, called “Virtual Iraq” and “Virtual Afghanistan,” were adapted from the first-person video game “Full Spectrum Warrior,” which was released for Xbox in 2004.

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